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Baby Feeding Set (5 pce) - BPA free

Baby Feeding Set (5 pce) - BPA free

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If you're looking to start your little one on self feeding and train their hand, eye and mouth coordination, the Bub & Ma complete toddler-friendly 5 Piece Feeding set is a safe, functional and practical option.

This set is great in encouraging baby's self-feeding skills as they start to eat solid foods. Our set includes all the essentials:

1. Adjustable Bib to 6 neck sizes, it also includes a catcher to catch the spillage from your baby's mouth.

2. Bowl with handles and suction at the bottom to keep it in place and minimise spillage.

3. Training cup that can double up as a snack carrier as it comes with a straw, two different lids and a convenient strap.

4. Fork and spoon set that has been designed for easy grip with bendable heads to adjust to baby's mouth. The body is firm yet the heads are soft and won't  hurt your baby's gums and teeth.

Made from BPA-free food grade silicone that is FDA approved, this set is durable and easy to clean and is all microwave and dishwasher safe. 


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