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Bub & Ma

Baby Cutlery Set (BPA free)

Baby Cutlery Set (BPA free)

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Our silicone cutleries are tailor-made for babies in Stage 1 of feeding. They’re the perfect shape and size for little hands and mouths learning to eat independently! This encourages self-feeding and allows your baby to be more independent during mealtime.

The Baby Cutlery Set is made of 100% food grade silicone. Unlike plastic feeding spoons, they contain no harmful additives or fillers. They’re ultra-durable and unbreakable, but soft enough for teething babies. The soft tip is gentle on the gums and developing teeth and the handle is comfortable for small fingers to grip. 

Bend, position, angle, and adjust your baby’s spoon to fit every feeding situation. Our flexible cutlery bend in every direction, even at a 90° angle which makes eating easier for your little one. Feed your baby from any position to cut down on spilled food while you feed them. Your spoons stay exactly how you position them with no rebound!

Bub & Ma Cutlery are durable enough to stand up to teething babies but lightweight enough for little hands to hold. They have a completely solid build, which means you’ll never have to worry about food or liquids getting trapped inside or pieces falling off and creating a choking hazard.

Able to tolerate extreme temperature, this means they’re great for hot and cold foods! They’re dishwasher and boil-proof. Toss them in the dishwasher for a quick clean or boil them for an even deeper clean! 

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