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Baby Silicone Fruit Feeder (2 Small) - BPA Free

Baby Silicone Fruit Feeder (2 Small) - BPA Free

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The Bub & Ma fruit feeders is a good choice for safely feeding infants fruits, vegetables and other complementary foods. Babies can exercise their chewing ability while satisfying their nutritional needs for vegetables and fruits.

The handle on the top of the food feeder allows the baby to hold it easily assisting the baby to eat independently. The nipple features 2mm holes allowing  small, digestible fragments to pass through and allow the nutrient solution to flow through, without worrying about choking when eating fruits or soft vegetables.

The food feeder is also equipped with a  dust cover so the juice will not leak, keeping the contents fresh, preventing food from being contaminated.


Made from food grade silicone, it is BPA free, non toxic and easy to clean. It is suitable for dishwashers and can be boiled for sterilisation.

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