Who We Are

Just as the name suggests, Bub & Ma is all about the mother and her baby, the love, the unbreakable bond and most importantly it is about not just surviving the journey but enjoying it.

Having been blessed with two wonderful daughters myself and going through those pregnancies, I experienced the need for specific products that would have made my life easier as a new mother, that is safe, easy and fun for my girls.

Based on my experience, I have curated a range of functional, versatile and durable silicone products that will make feeding and general day to day tasks easier for this wonderful yet overwhelming time in your life. 

Our products range from silicone feeding sets which can also be mixed and matched to create a fun colourful combination, to fun and space saving collapsible water bottles and coffee cups that eliminate waste.

Our aim is to be a useful source where new mothers can stop by and pick up those essential items to make life easier for Bub & Ma.