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Collapsible Silicone Baby Food Container (BPA Free)

Collapsible Silicone Baby Food Container (BPA Free)

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Our food storage containers are BPA free and non toxic being made from 100% FDA approved food grade silicone.    

MULTI-USAGE: Due to their resilience to extreme ends of the temperature spectrum, they make food storage easy as it can go from the freezer straight into the microwave. Make a large batch of baby food, smoothie, yogurts and icy treats, then store and freeze. You can easily and efficiently access their contents when needed.

SEAL: The containers have a plastic cover to ensure cleanliness and prevent smells from intermixing during storage. It also makes it ideal and easy to stack them neatly in the fridge or freezer.

COLLAPSIBILITY: The volume is reduced by approximately 50% upon folding making it a space saver when not it use.

ECO FRIENDLY:  Safer and longer lasting than plastic containers make the silicone food containers environmentally friendlier, cleaner and an overall healthier option.

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