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Baby Bottle Squeeze Feeder (90ml) - BPA Free

Baby Bottle Squeeze Feeder (90ml) - BPA Free

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The Bub & Ma soft silicone Baby Bottle Squeeze Feeder is perfect for baby's first foods & feeding on the go. It has been designed to ease the transition from liquid feeding to solid feeding- ideal for pureed & semisolid foods.

Just fill the bottle with desired amount of baby food and give the bottle a gentle squeeze. The pressure sensitive bottle allows the baby food to pass through the hole in the Spoon's neck and on to the spoon. The super soft silicone spoon is gentle on baby's gums and emerging teeth.

It comes with a stand that also acts as a cover to keep foods fresh and deter contamination.  

4 plus months/ BPA Free.


To avoid accidentally scalding the baby's mouth, warm up food separately and pour food into feeder after testing temperature. The plastic parts are not suitable for use in microwaved. Wash with warm soapy water.

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